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for golf next Tuesday!

Ladies Club 9 members may sign up here anytime Tuesday - Friday each week for the following week's golf.  Just complete and submit the form below to sign up* to golf the FOLLOWING Tuesday morning.  Remember to click the RED submit button to send in your request.  
*NOTE: If there are more people requesting a time slot than there are tee times available in either group, and not enough golfers have indicated they would take either group, those who signed up earliest online will be given priority.

If you miss the FRIDAY at noon deadline, DO NOT SIGN UP BELOW as your request will not be received.  You may, however, click HERE to email Captain Joan about the matter instead.

Is it Tue, Wed, Thurs or Fri? If YES, OK to fill out for the following week's golf! Otherwise, please see above!
Sign me up to golf this coming Tuesday, in this time slot:
Cart rental required?

If you submitted this information more than once, youR last submission will be what is used to assign your tee time

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