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Tee Times 

If you're viewing your tee time, below, BEFORE MONDAY @ noon...
make sure you check back here
in case Joan made last minute adjustments!

Click here to find out what the golf format is for this week and here for some helpful reminders!

Ladies please:

  • Arrive and be golf-ready - EARLY GROUP: please arrive 15 minutes before your posted tee time.   LATER GROUP: please arrive 30 minutes before your posted tee time.  We try to get people on earlier and fill vacancies due to cancellations, but we can only do this if everyone is there in advance!

  • Email Club Captain Joan (click here) if you had signed up to golf but need to cancel for any reason. On the day of golf, you may also call the Pro Shop to let them know.

  • Keep play at the same pace of the group ahead of you! If there is a totally unoccupied hole ahead of you, this is an indicator that your group should pick up the pace.  Please accelerate play in every hole, as best as you can, until you can see the foursome ahead of you is occupying the next hole. To ensure you don't slow play behind you, pick up your ball and score the maximum - double par - once the number of your strokes on any hole = double par

  • If you are in the LATE group and are one of the first few foursomes in line to tee off, please allow the last of the Green Bloomers to finish playing through before moving into the vicinity of the 1st tee box area. 


"I now consistently hit the fairways by aiming for the trees on both sides of the fairways."


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